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Out-of-District Transfers

Each year, Riesel ISD accepts a limited number of K-12 out-of-district transfer students. Students must complete an application and meet certain criteria listed in the transfer document. In addition to meeting specific criteria, accepting the transfer must not cause overcrowding in any specific grade level unless agreed upon by the administration. 

If you are a new transfer to the district, you must provide documentation for review; see application for more details. 

Transfers are granted on a yearly basis and must reapply annually. 

To get started, please select the appropriate application below. 

Transfer Applications (2024-2025)



  • Transfer requests are reviewed approximately every four weeks.
  • The first review will be only for existing transfers.
  • Prior-year acceptance does not automatically grant approval in the following years. 
  • Acceptance of one child does not guarantee acceptance of other siblings.