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Brandon Cope

Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to Riesel ISD!

As the superintendent, I am honored to serve our community's students, families, and staff. Our commitment to high-quality education for every student is at the core of our mission, driven by effective leadership and a nurturing educational environment.

Every student harbors the capacity for remarkable achievements, and I aim to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment, ensuring every student has the opportunity to flourish. Our exceptional team of educators and staff are dedicated to guiding our students toward realizing their utmost potential.

I urge you to actively engage in your child's educational journey and stay up-to-date with our schools' developments. Our website offers a wealth of information on district happenings and events, complemented by our vibrant social media presence.

We deeply value your trust in us to guide your child's educational path. Serving this community is a privilege, and I look forward to collaborating with you to forge a promising future for our students.

Brandon Cope

District Planning Superintendent Contract