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School Board

L to R: Tami Kadlacek, RuthAnne Schroeder, Miranda Sjolander, Ben Saage, Deanna Davis, Heather Branch, Justin Curtis

What is the role of our School Board?

The seven-member Riesel ISD Board of Trustees is our district’s policy-making body. While it is comprised of individuals, it acts officially only as a group. The RISD Board works with the superintendent and staff to set the direction of the school district with the education and well-being of school children as its primary focus.

The board consists of seven trustees serving terms of three years, with elections held annually. The terms of one-third of the trustees, or as near to one-third as possible, expire each year. Elections are held on the May uniform election date. There are no term limits.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, hiring and evaluating the superintendent, establishing the tax rate, adopting the district vision statement, adopting the budget, collaborating with the superintendent and adopting policy.

Board Meeting Participation

Board Election Information

Board Operating Procedures